Bobby Cagle Trainer

Areas of Expertise


  • EnRoute
  • Laser Cad


  • CNC machines – MultiCam
  • Laser Cad 

Special applications: 

  • Setting up MultiCam CNC routers to use EnRoute software
  • Design to Part
  • Design Specialty Tooling to reduce job costs
  • Design In 2, 2.5, 3D with Enroute
  • Tool pathing and nesting to reduce run time on large jobs
  • Ensuring correct preferences & settings within the EnRoute software
  • ATP and nesting for Enroute
  • Production Oriented

Laser Cad software setup and training

Choose From

30 min $80

1 hour $150

2 hours $270

3 hours $360

Personal Bio

I have worked with Enroute software with my MultiCam routers for over 25 years in my plastic /wood fabrication business on a daily basis cutting anything from MDF, foam to hard plastics. I have learned how to take a DXF, DWG, PDF and STL files into EnRoute and modify it, change it, tool path it and save it to a file and run it on the router. With my strong Electromechanical Engineering background and EnRoute experience I have been able to fabricate some amazing projects and want to pass my skills on.

I believe with the right set up in EnRoute you save time and labor on any job.  I have helped several startup businesses to incorporate EnRoute in their daily router production processes.



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