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Debunking Vehicle Wrap Myths

We here at adendo are all too aware of the many myths floating around concerning vehicle wraps in the sign industry. Often, such myths can (and do!) act as a huge barrier for small business owners to invest on such a vital way to get them and their small business’s name out there.

However, on the flipside of these myths – in a place we here at adendo like to refer to as reality – there are many benefits to be gained from using effective and high-quality vehicle wraps – one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising!

In order to reveal to you this reality, we here at adendo have cooked up a list of some of the most common myths associated with vehicle wraps – and we will endeavor to debunk them for you! Once you, as a small business owner, realize just how many of these myths are bunk – you’ll be well on your way to gaining the many lucrative advantages vehicle wraps can provide.

#1. Vehicle Wraps are Too Expensive

The first myth we here at adendo wish to tackle when it comes to vehicle wraps is the assumption vehicle wraps are just too damn expensive. But let’s take a deeper look, shall we? First of all, according to our various researches, the average vehicle wrap does indeed cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 – which in truth, is nothing to laugh at! However, consider this: while yes, for a personal expense this would be quite a bit of money. But for a small business? It’s the cost of buying one employee’s computer. On the flipside, consider the advantages! While you are driving all around town in your vehicle wrap – potential clients are seeing your logo for the first time – are being exposed to a service they might be in desperate need of. Would you deprive yourself of such a relatively inexpensive way of growing your business? We thought not!

#2. Anyone can Install a Vehicle Wrap

Next – and this one is important for the small business owner who still might be thinking to themselves that that $2,000 to $5,000 range for installing a vehicle wrap would still be too much for them – is that, while yes, you do want to be saving money as a small business owner – but at the same time – when you make an expense – it’s important you invest into that expense! What we are trying to say is that – if you are going to make that 2k-5k investment as a business owner, you better not be installing the vehicle wrap yourself – unless you yourself have extensive knowledge and experience in vehicle wrap installation. We would advise you to cough up just that much more money in order to pay for the services of a professional. That way – one of the most prominent advertisements for your small business will sparkle just that much more – instead of being a 2k-5k disaster!

#3. Vinyl Wraps Damage Vehicles

Many small business owners worry – understandably – that vinyl wraps on vehicles would damage the paint jobs and/or finishes for those vehicles. This is simply not true. With the advent of steady, more stable forms of technology – and the correct application of such technologies – BY PROFFESIONALS – we most fervently advise – damage to vehicle paint jobs and/or finishes should simply not be a concern for you and your small business going forward.

#4. Vehicle Wraps Take Too Long/Don’t Last

As with many of the other myths we’re debunking on this list – it goes without saying that if you have your small buisness’s vehicle wrapped by a professional – the installation will, in fact, not take too long (the duration, these days, shouldn’t take longer than a mere 7-9 hours of labor).

As for the lifespan of your typical, professionally installed vehicle wrap? They can, in fact, last for quite a long time. Indeed, under the right conditions, the lifespan of a vehicle wrap can last up to five years.

#5. You Can’t Wrap Leased Vehicles

As for your small business’s leased vehicles, they can indeed be wrapped – as removing such vehicle wraps is not too difficult to accomplish once those leases are finally up.

#6. I can Design the Graphic Myself

This myth is possible the most vital for us here at adendo to debunk. While we understand it might be very tempting to forge ahead and attempt to design your vehicle wrap’s graphic yourself – again, unless you have lots of knowledge and experience with this sort of work – we would strongly advise you against it!

As we will continue to reiterate, a vehicle wrap is one of the most visible forms of advertising you could invest in as a small business owner. So your graphic and graphic design should follow accordingly! Don’t just put up any old shoddy design you cooked up in ten minutes by yourself – seek out – and invest in – the work, knowledge, and experience of design experts. That way, your small business’s vehicle wrap will truly shine above the competition!

#7. My Business is Too Small (A Conclusion, of Sorts)

Finally, we here at adendo wished to end this list by debunking the myth that your business is simply too small to invest in vehicle wraps. As we’ve stated over and over again – a vehicle wrap is probably one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising your small business. Why would you want to give up such an avenue for growing your business – just because of a relatively small, upfront investment.

The real question is – how do you expect your business to grow any bigger when you are working so hard in your mind to keep it small?

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