Download & Installation Tips for Onyx RIP Software

For owners of print shops operating within the highly competitive sign & print industry, discovering the perfect software for your workflow is only the first hurdle. Once you’ve discovered such software – for example Onyx RIP software – the next step involves figuring out how to both download and install your software.

Therefore, we here at adendo have prepared this handy, brief guide to help you operate your Onyx RIP software. Once you or a member of your sign & print shop have both downloaded and installed such software, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your shop as the premiere local place to go for folks seeking quality print jobs and related projects. Onyx RIP software, which is designed for wide format printers, gives you and your sign & print shop the flexibility and customizability to print on multiple materials and sizes – in different colors – with watermarks and many other such wondrous options. Simply follow these steps below and these astonishing capabilities will be well within your fingertips.

Download Onyx RIP Software

The first thing to do when it comes to the initial setup of Onyx RIP software is to visit the Onyx website. Next, you must choose the exact, precise type of Onyx RIP software which will fit your small business and the tasks you and your co-workers need to tackle on a day-to-day business to ensure you are providing quality print jobs and other projects. Again, once you have established the sort of Onyx RIP software you need – you will then pay for it through the Onyx website. Follow the steps involved in this purchase – and then follow the steps provided to you by the Onyx website itself. This way, you will end up with the unzipped folder (on your small business’s computer’s desktop – ideally) containing the Onyx RIP software itself.

Unzip Onyx Software

Once you have obtained your small business’s copy of the Onyx RIP software – by downloading it in unzipped format onto your desktop – you will then need to unzip this zipped folder. Simply right click (or command click – if you are using a Mac/Apple computer) and select ‘unzip folder.’ You may need to wait a number of minutes for this unzip action to occur. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to open the unzipped folder containing the Onyx RIP installation software.

Run Onyx Installation Software

As soon as you have opened the Onyx RIP installation software folder, double click on the Onyx RIP installation software icon. This will, in turn, boot up the Onyx RIP installation software. Once you have done so, you will then be able to follow the on-screen instructions provided to you by the Onyx RIP installation software itself. Again, this entire process may take more than a few minutes. Be patient. Soon, you and your small business will have operational Onyx RIP software at your fingertips.

Activate Onyx Software License Key

As part of the initial Onyx RIP installation process, you will be required to provide your small business’s specific software license key. You will provide this information when prompted to do so. The License Key will be provided to you during installation (or as part of the package you downloaded from Onyx’s website itself.) Once you have provided your small business’s specific software license key, you will be able to continue the installation process. Once the Onyx RIP software installation process has run its course on your small business’s computer, you will then be instructed to click ‘Finish,’ which will, in turn, conclude the installation process.


Now that you have installed Onyx RIP software onto your sign & print shop’s computer – you will now have access to this software suite’s entire capabilities. Not only will you and your coworkers’ workflow become far more streamlined, but you will be able to design and produce print jobs and other related projects at a much higher quality. All you have to do now is familiarize yourself with its operations.


We here at adendo sincerely hope this brief guide concerning the download and installation of Onyx RIP software was helpful to you and/or your staff working at your small business and/or sign & print shop. If you happen to have any further questions concerning the download, installation, or even operation of Onyx RIP software – or if you or any of your co-workers have questions concerning software involved in the sign & print industry at all – please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Here at adendo, we provide software experts knowledgeable of the sign & print industry who would all be happy to lend a hand and guide you through any such industry-related questions. Adendo can certainly provide you with individualized training in a conducive environment. To book an adendo advisor, please visit our website.

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