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Your Connection to EnRoute Software

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Offer valid from April 1st through April 30th on booking one of our top four EnRoute Advisors listed below for at least 60 minutes..

Jesse Rickey

Jesse has a heavy background in CNC machinery including lasers, waterjets, plasmas, knife cutters, and routers in both production and prototyping environments

EJ Nodurft

EJ had been an EnRoute trainer for 20 years specializing in 2D/3D Design, 2D/3D Toolpathing, CNC Workflow Analysis, ADA/Braille, and general CNC expertise

Jim Dawson

Jim has been an Enroute user for 15 years with experience in 3D modeling, texturing, and machining with Multicam CNC Routers and Plasma Cutters

Aaron Clapp

Aaron has extensive knowledge of EnRoute specializing in designing in 3D, Tool pathing, ATP, adding and setting up drivers for CNC machines, and technical support

Technical Support

Installing and setting up EnRoute, or any software can be challenging. While most all manufactures and resellers provide excellent technical support, they may not always be available exactly when you need them. Moreover, they may not have the knowledge with your particular software and CNC machine configuration, especially in a production environment.

Adendo has brought together a team of EnRoute experts with years and years of experience to help you resolve your installation & maintenance issues. They will guide you step by step through any technical matters and keep you cutting.

To get the help you need now, click below to connect with your EnRoute technical support experts