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William Owen

William has over 40 years of experience in prepress and printing and 25 Years of experience in Color management from prepress to pressroom, Grand Format, Wide Format and more. He is proficient with Wide Format. He has vast knowledge in Colour Management, Custom .icc profiles, Custom Spot Colour Libraries created from your media profiles. He can assist you in hardware/software installation and training.

Dan Gillespie

Dan has 25 years of colour consultant and technical trainer experience. He is proficient with HP wide format printers, RIP software, measurement devices, profiling packages, and process control solutions. He is also certified in many products, including Caldera, EFI, and ONYX.

Paul Sills

Paul has over 25 years of experience in the Sign and Print Industry. He is proficient with HP wide format printers and Flexi software. Moreover, he has vast knowledge in Production Print Workflow with Epson, Mutoh, and Print & Cut Workflow with output devices.

Technical Support

Adendo has brought together a team of HP Print & Cut experts with years and years of experience to help you resolve your printer installation & maintenance issues. They will guide you step by step through any technical matters and keep you printing.

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