Installing Onyx Software

Are you the owner of a sign shop operating within the sign & print industry? If so, you are probably no doubt already aware of the importance of having the right sort of software to complete projects necessary within said industry. Onyx can no doubt be one of these imperative pieces of software.
The trick is, though, how does one go about installing such important software on their sign & print industry’s small business’s systems? This is why we have put together this lightning quick guide for you to carry out the Onyx software installation process in no time flat!

Installing Onyx RIP Software: The Basics

Firstly, it is a good idea for you to visit the Onyx website. Once you have completed this initial task and hurdle, you should then register and login. Once you have registered and logged in to the Onyx website – you will be able to easily download the software. This Onyx software could either be a trial or full product download. Be sure you are downloading the version of the software you wish to use for your sign & print industry small print shop. Once you have downloaded the Onyx software to your desired hardrive – you must now simply install the software. Just follow the instructions provided by the Onyx software installation guide and setup programs. Next, add programs to your account for Onyx software. This way, you will have access to the right tools for the right jobs.

Which Onyx Software is Right for You?

Currently, the main Onyx software is known as Version 22. However, Onyx does offer a few other software products as well. Before simply committing to only using Onyx software Version 22 – be sure to peruse everything the company has to offer. Who knows – you and your small business’s staff may run into a tool you will find highly useful once integrated into your workflow.
Among these other Onyx offerings is Onyx Textile Edition. If your shop works with a lot of textile orders and projects – you may want to investigate this option. If, however, your team is – by any chance – looking for another sort of option when it comes to using and paying for Onyx software – Onyx Go may be the right choice for you. Onyx Go is a month-to-month, no contract, Onyx RIP subscription – which, according to the company “includes everything a print shop needs to get started in wide-format printing.”

Other Onyx offerings include Onyx TruFit. Onyx TruFit provides true-shape nesting for any print environment. This means you and your small business’s team will be able to save on production time while also maximizing media usage with shape-based nesting. You’ll be creating intricate nested layouts – leading to a reduction in media usage by up to 50%. With Onyx Hub, your small business will have access to real-time data and dynamic reported for better business decisions – using a state of the art business intelligence tool. If your team could benefit from double the Adobe RIP Engines, double the printer permissions, and double the Job Editors – why not try out Onyx Thrive?

Onyx Software Installation Troubleshooting

Once you and your team are certain of the suite of Onyx software you’ll be using – you may run into a number of hurdles when it comes to the installation of such software. For example, if you are operating Windows 10 with Onyx – the software’s security key has an issue with Windows 10 version 2004. Therefore, prior to operating Onyx on a machine running Windows 10 version 2004 – be sure to install a new driver for the security key. Onyx even made a handy video demonstrating how exactly this can be achieved:

Other known installation issues which crop up with Onyx RIP software include the installation of Onyx OS 4.6.1228. It is advised that you avoid installing the Onyx operating system on PC systems prior to backing up all required files to an external USB drive. This way, you will be able to avid the hassle of having all relevant files deleted during installation on both the USB stick and the console.

As with many other technical processes, it is important you slow down, read the relevant installation instructions, and take your time. If you and your team members follow these simple steps – you will have far less headaches on your hands! After all, the Onyx suite of software was designed to make life easier for print shops such as your own – not harder!

Onyx Installation: One Final Step

After any sort of potential Onyx software installation troubleshooting, a final step in the Onyx software installation process involves making sure you know how to access your Onyx software account at any given time. This way, you will be able to use Onyx software’s full suite of features on any project at any time. This will, of course, be a great boon to the amount and variety of said projects your sign & print industry print shop can tackle here on out!


We hope this brief guide to installing Onyx software been helpful for you and your small sign & print industry business. If you happen to have any further questions concerning the installation of Onyx software (including the sometimes tricky troubleshooting which can be associated with the installation of such software) – or if you are operating Onyx software for small business owners in the sign & print industry in general – please do not hesitate to reach out to adendo. Even if you are currently seeking out further advice on other topics revolving around the sign and print industry – you’ve come to the right place! Adendo can provide you individualized training in a conducive environment. To book an adendo advisor, please visit our website.

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