Earn between 5%-20% reselling Adendo training if qualified.

Your application will be reviewed by our sales department and if approved, you will be sent instruction on how to sign up.
  • On-site training margin 5% – This is great for customers who need someone in their shop to help.
  • eCourses 20% margin- Self-paced elearning with experts in the market.
  • Margins subject to change.
  • This is a great opportunity to support users of Flexi or EnRoute. Our eCourses are designed and supported by Mark Rugen, Flexi & EnRoute expert. eCourse pricing ranges from $49 to $795.
  • Our On-Site training can range from 1-3 days and are conducted by vetted industry experts. Each on-site event is custom priced but typical ranges are from $2500 to $5000.

Available Online eCourses

Flexi Courses

  • The Ultimate Flexi Training Course – $297

    This is a 14 hour online self-paced Flexi training course that covers all features and option. Certificate of Completion is included.

  • Learn Flexi in 3 Hours- $49

     This is a quick start course for new users and covers the essentials. Great for new employees.

  • Color Management in Flexi – $149

    This course covers the color aspects of using flexi. ICC Profiles, soft proofing and printing the best in color.

This is a replay of a webinar with over 4 hours of color training for Flexi and more. Great for a full understanding of the subject.

  • Working with White Ink in Flexi – $49

A comprehensive course on using white ink option in Flexi. Great for DTF or other applications.

  • Print and Cut for Professionals – $49

A full discussion of the print and cut options in Flexi.

EnRoute Courses

  • EnRoute Basic – $749

This is a 4-6 hour live virtual session with new users of EnRoute or those who wish to learn more about the basics of EnRoute.

  • EnRoute 3D Reliefs – $375

This course focuses on the 3D reliefs in design and machining.

  • EnRoute ATP – $349

This course focuses on the Auto Tool Path option in EnRoute.

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