Business growth in down Economy

Sales In A Down Economy

Is it possible to increase sales in a down economy?

It is a tough time to be in a construction-related industry like the sign industry. Many sign shops have suffered losses of up to 50% of sales or some have gone out of business altogether. Yet, as I travel around to trade shows I have talked to some sign shop owners that have grown over the past couple of years…how can this be? Well, I have one word…sales. It is going to require leadership in your organization, someone that is willing to rally the troops and look for opportunities in your business community. Let’s address the issues:

Rally the Troops:

  • Set A Company Sales Goal: $50,000.00 Per month (get with your CPA to determine what your sales goal should be – and focus on profitable projects).
  • Set Individual Sales Goals: 2 reps / $25,000.00 each
  • Hold Sales Meetings: Sales meetings should never be missed. Share what is working and what is not working – brainstorm on creative ways to reach customers. Review pipeline reports and hold all sales reps accountable for their goals.
  • Hire and/or Train New Reps: Nothing fires up the troops like some new blood. Find a seasoned sign sales rep, or hire a new one from a related industry.

Look for Opportunities:

  • Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce: Go to the meetings and mixers, become a chamber ambassador to welcome new businesses to your community, exchange leads with other ambassadors.
  • Out -Teach Your Competitors: Sponsor a 30-minute luncheon at the local ad agency teaching about the readability of signs (size and color), or at your local architect’s office about structure, materials, and permeability of signs. You could also have an open house at your sign shop to show how signs are built. Offer your assistance to city planners and property owners for writing sign criteria or consulting on sign code changes. All of this will leave a lasting impression…. you will be thought of as their “Sign Guy/Gal”.
  • Adopt A Non-Profit: Sounds crazy to give when business is down, but trust me, it is the best time to give. Join a non-profit board, or offer some leadership assistance. You will meet other business leaders doing the same and they will shout your praise in the community. Donate banners or small signs with your logo “Donated by: My Sign Shop 555-888-9999,” you will reap huge returns on this type of investment.
    If you would like a free sales goal tool please send me an email: go have a sales meeting and sell some signs!

    Happy Tracking!

    Sign Guy Joe

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