Using Onyx RIP Software

If you happen to be the owner of a shop within the sign & print industry – or even if you work in such a shop – it is imperative you pick the right software capable of carrying out the right prints for the right projects and tasks you have at hand. One of these capable software suites is undoubtedly Onyx RIP software. This RIP software, designed for wide format printers, gives you the flexibility and customizability to print on multiple materials and sizes – in different colors – with watermarks and many other such wondrous options.

The only problem you may run into is figuring out – and mastering – exactly how to use and operate your company’s new Onyx RIP software. This is the primary reason why we here at adendo have decided to cook up this brief, handy guide. Though rough and ready, this unofficial manual will take you through the first several or so steps – and you will thus be more than well on your way to operating your small business’s Onyx RIP software like the professional you are!

Download Onyx RIP Software

Of course, before you get to mastering such software – you should probably download it! To purchase and download Onyx RIP software, simply visit the Onyx website and determine the exact Onyx RIP software suite which will work for your sign & print small business – and the sort of jobs you’ll anticipate tackling within the industry.

Install Onyx RIP Software

Following the initial download step – the next thing you will want to do is install your brand new Onyx RIP software on your desired computer. Ensure this is the computer you wish to operate this software on within your overall sign & print shop. If it’s a convenient machine and location – you’re already halfway there. Once you’ve downloaded the correct Onyx RIP software file – simply click on it and follow the installation instructions. This may take a few minutes – but have no fear! In the meantime, you can always…

Load Printer Drivers

The loading of printer drivers to ensure the Onyx RIP software will be able to communicate and direct your company’s fleet of wide format printers is perhaps one of the most essential steps in the whole process. Once these drivers are loaded, you will literally be in the driver’s seat!

Open Onyx RIP Software

As the printer drivers are finishing being uploaded – and your Onyx RIP software is properly and totally installed on your machine – all you now need to do is open it up and sign in to the correct Onyx account for your company. Once all these details have been taken care of, the real fun can begin…

Select Material and Size

Now that your Onyx RIP software is all up and running – the next task which will require your attention involves determining which print project and products you or your small business needs to tackle first. Once this is determined, you’ll be able to know which material to select – and at what size/dimensions.

Choose Color Options

Following the selection of material(s) and size/dimension – you will now need to choose the appropriate colors to apply to your project’s product. Remember: this is a design-heavy choice and should not be taken lightly! Perhaps consult with your client for best results!

Add Watermarks and Other Effects

Your project’s product will now be printed in the correct materials, dimensions, and colors. Before hitting that print key – consider a few more options you can add to the overall look. For example, have you added any sort of watermarks? Perhaps this could be your own company’s watermark – or possibly that of the client who commissioned this project in the first place. Additionally, you may also wish to consider adding any other sort of effects to the project as a whole. Again, these sorts of additions could become quite design-heavy – so we would recommend involving the consultations of the client you and your small business wish to please/astound!

Save Settings and Print!

Finally, of course, you will wish to print your perfect product. However, prior to this step taking place – we here at adendo recommend you save your settings. This way, if any projects or products in the future require the same or similar settings to get printing – you and/or one of your sign & print industry shop co-workers could simply pull up these old, saved settings and go from there. The efficiency of your workflow will undoubtedly thank you in the future!


We here at adendo sincerely hope this brief guide on using Onyx RIP software was helpful to you and/or your staff working at your small business and/or sign & print shop. If you happen to have any further questions concerning the operation of Onyx RIP software – or if you or any of your co-workers have questions concerning software involved in the sign & print industry at all – please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Here at adendo, we provide software experts knowledgeable of the sign & print industry who would all be happy to lend a hand and guide you through any such industry-related questions. Adendo can certainly provide you with individualized training in a conducive environment. To book an adendo advisor, please visit our website.

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