One on-one “Block A Time” training is perfect for learning new software programs, setting up new hardware, training new employees, color management guidance, business and workflow management, or special applications such as vehicle wraps, traffic signage, ADA and Braille signs, 3D routed signs, etc.

Block Time With Expert

Choose Your Advisor

Bobby Cagle

Flexi – Roland – Mimaki
Oki – Graphtec

Chris Kennedy

Flexi – Onyx – EnRoute – HP – Oki – Mimaki
Mutoh – Vehicle Wraps -Shop Management

Todd Tracey
Adobe Creative Cloud – Corel Draw – Flexi
Roland – HP Latex – Vehicle Wraps
Mike Pesce

Flexi – Adobe Creative Cloud – HP – Roland
Vehicle Wraps – Graphic Design

Bryan Graham

EnRoute – Shop Sabre
2D Toolpathing

George Corbin

Flexi – Mutoh – Summa
Vinyl Cutting – Graphic Design

Shelby Sapusek

Adobe Creative Cloud – Onyx – Caldera
Graphic Design – Color management

Susan Stock

Flexi – Corel Draw – Graphic Design – HP
Color Management – Shop Management

Dave Wilson

EnRoute – 2D Cad Drawing – 3d EnRoute Relief
2D and 2.5D Toolpathing and Output