Your Connection to Flexi RIP & Flexi Designer 

Bobby Cagle

Bobby Cagle

Bobby is skilled in not only Flexi design and RIP software, but has over 22 years’ experience setting up printers, cutters, and software in a production environment.

EJ Nodurft

EJ Nodurft

EJ specializes in training & consulting on 2D Cad Drawing, 3D Surface Creation for Woodworking & Sign making, as well as 2D/3D Design, 2D/3D Toolpathing, General CNC & more.

Chris Kennedy

Chris is an expert in Flexi Design and Production Management and can assist with wrap design, install using multiple software programs and more.

Todd Tracey

Todd’s skill set includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, & Corel Draw. He has real-world experience with materials such as vinyl wraps, laminates, & window perforations.

Technical Support

Installing and setting up Flexi, or any RIP software can be challenging. While most all manufactures and resellers provide excellent technical support, they may not always be available exactly when you need them. Moreover, they may not have the knowledge with your particular software, printer, and cutter configuration, especially in a production environment.

Adendo has brought together a team of Flexi experts with years and years of experience to help you resolve your installation & maintenance issues. They will guide you step by step through any technical matters and keep you printing.

To get the help you need now, click below to connect with your Flexi technical support experts