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How it Works – Long

Choose an Advisor

Browse through our expert Advisors to find the one with the expertise and skills you’re looking for. Prior to booking a call, you can chat with Advisors to explain exactly what you are interested in learning, and make sure it’s the right fit. When available, you can read reviews from others, just like you, to get a feel for their experience on adendo.com.

Schedule your training

Once you’ve chosen an Advisor, you will request a call from your Advisor’s availability, and estimate the time you think you will need. At this time, you will provide payment information which will be preauthorized for 2 times the estimated fee. Advisor fees are per minute, and once the call is completed you will pay for only the exact number of minutes used.

Expand your knowledge

Our Advisors are experts in a wide variety of topics from basic software and hardware training, color management and ICC profile creation, vehicle wraps, graphic design, traffic and ADA signage, 3D routed signs, and much, much more.

​Adendo offers you the opportunity to learn from individuals with tears of hands-on experience, who just happen to have a passion for helping others, like you. It’s convenient and affordable, saving you time and money.