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Reseller Application

Adendo Training You can make between 5%-20% reselling Adendo training if qualified. Your application will be reviewed by our sales department and if approved, you will be sent instruction on how to sign up.

On-site training margin 5% – This is great for customers who need someone in their shop to help.

eCourses 20% margin- Self-paced elearning with experts in the market.

Margins subject to change.

This is a great opportunity to support users of Flexi or EnRoute. Our eCourses are designed and supported by Mark Rugen, Flexi & EnRoute expert. eCourse pricing ranges from $49 to $795.

Our On-Site training can range from 1-3 days and are conducted by vetted industry experts. Each on-site event is custom priced but typical ranges are from $2500 to $5000.

Available Products for Resale (See all eCourses Here)

On-Site Live Training Sessions (5% Margin)

These sessions range from one day to several days. We quote the customer individually as needed to accomplish the end goal of training. Most sessions range from $2500 to $5000.

eCourses (20% Margin)

EnRoute Basic $749 – This is a 4-6 hour live virtual session with new users of EnRoute or those who wish to learn more about the basics of EnRoute.

EnRoute 3D Reliefs $375 – This course focuses on the 3D reliefs in design and machining.

EnRoute ATP $375 – This course focuses on the Auto Tool Path option in EnRoute.

The Ultimate Flexi Training Course $297 – This is a 14 hour online self-paced Flexi training course that covers all features and option. Certificate of Completion is included.

Learn Flexi in 3 Hours $47 – This is a quick start course for new users and covers the essentials. Great for new employees.

Color Management for Flexi $149 – This course covers the color aspects of using flexi. ICC Profiles, soft proofing and printing the best in color.

4-Day Webinar Replay on Color Management and Printing $99 – This is a replay of a webinar with over 4 hours of color training for Flexi and more. Great for a full understanding of the subject.

Best Photoshop Plugins for Flexi $49 – A replay of a webinar on installing and using Photoshop plugins right inside of Flexi. Some free plugins included.

Working with White ink in Flexi $49 – A comprehensive course on using white ink option in Flexi. Great for DTF or other applications.

Print & Cut for Professionals $49 – A full discussion of the print and cut options in Flexi.

Custom links are provided to those approved as resellers. These links automatically track who purchased the ecourses as well as payments due. The reseller can review what has been purchased at any time and see all activity. We encourage approved resellers to place link on their website, in emails and on social media for the best results.

Reseller Application Form

We will review your application and contact you with further details if approved.

Reseller Application for Training

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