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Traffic Signage Around the World

As someone who runs a small business within the sign & print industry, you are no doubt already aware of the importance of road – or traffic – signage. Traffic signage is an element of the road, and driving, people all over the world see, react to, and engage with, every single day.

Of course, traffic signage is often not given much thought, as it’s so intrinsically tied to daily routines. Traffic signage can all to often become background, or even white, noise. This is, of course, not an ideal situation, as traffic signs are often trying to warn us, or at least give us a knowledge or an awareness of, things which are or might crop up along the road immediately ahead of us.

This is precisely the reason why driving in unfamiliar places and countries can become so wrought with hazard. Indeed, often you don’t even understand what a foreign traffic sign is trying to tell you – often before it’s far too late! Additionally, you could be following every other road law by the book, but still be pulled over by local law enforcement, and even receive a ticket, due to your lack of knowledge concerning the local traffic signage ecosphere. This problem can become exacerbated when said signage is ambiguous or otherwise confusing. (Which is why it’s imperative to stick to design principles when envisioning, creating, and manufacturing such signs in the first place!)

All of these non-local confusions concerning traffic signage can become such a headache! This is why the below brief guide has been created, in an attempt to relieve similar headaches for you in your travels down the road – or if you and/or your small business within the sign & print industry – has been commissioned to create such or similar traffic signage.

Steep Cliff Road Sign – Argentina

Amidst the mountainous terrain found all over Argentina, these signs were developed with the idea of reminding drivers on mountain roads to be extra cautious when it comes to their speeds on upcoming terrain.

Llama Crossing Road Sign – Bolivia

What it says on the tin, really! This traffic signage, popular in Bolivia, aims to alert drivers to the possibility of roadside encounters with these wooly – & bad tempered! – behemoths. Watch out for oncoming spit!

Blind Hill Road Sign – Iceland

In this cold clime, blind hill road traffic signage indicates an oncoming hill, which will make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. This sign urges drivers not to pass, as the roads are narrow.

Hedgehog Road Sign – United Kingdom

Again, exactly what it says on the tin! These quilled beasties could puncture the rubber on your tires (tyres!) so look out!

Sled Crossing Road Sign – Greenland

At the top of the world, traffic signage warns of unusual transportation (except for that part of the world). Don’t be too hasty to run over poor Rudolph and the rest!

Oryx Crossing Road Sign – Southern African Countries

An Oryx is a type of African deer. This sign advises you and your vehicle not to mess with them. Even deer in North America can completely wreck a car in seconds – and Oryx can grow to be quite a bit bigger!

Prohibited Conveyance Road Sign – Israel

In Israel, prohibited conveyance signs do exactly what they say they do! They prohibit certain forms of conveyance (vehicles are a certainly a form of conveyance!) from certain parts of the country. Simple.

Kangaroo Crossing Road Sign – Australia

While these enormous animals may look like a joke, they most certainly are not up close. Look out, this sign says: kicks can kill!

Battlefield Sign – United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been around for a long time. A very long time. And with time comes battles. Lots of battles. Littered all over these small islands. The famous battlefield sign, with its crossed cutlass icon, helps tourists quench their bloodlust by indicating where these grisly reminders of barbaric pasts can be found.

Coastal Path Sign – Ireland

Over in more peaceable Ireland, coastal path signs indicate idyllic locations to go walking along. This traffic signage urges nature lovers to forsake their vehicles and venture out into the green – or the blue. Nothing is better for the soul.

Camel Crossing Road Sign – Israel

Finally, the global tour ends back in Israel, with the camel crossing road sign. As with all ungulates larger than cars, it is probably wise to give these furry desert conveyors a wide berth!


Hopefully, this guide concerning the diverse traffic signage to be discovered (& quickly understood!) around the world has proven useful to you and your small business when it comes to creating examples of such signage for your equally diverse (& growing) clientele. With the help of the knowledge you have gained here today, you and your employees will be able to handle a much greater workload, which means more customers served – all around the world!

If you or someone at your small business would like additional traffic signage tips and training, or if you’d just like to brush up on additional training revolving around the sign & print industry, in an environment conducive to individualized training, please do not hesitate to reach out to adendo. To book an adendo advisor, please visit adendo. We are committed to helping all sign & print professionals.

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